Chris :: vocals/bass

Together with Jürgen and Christof he founded his first band Depseration at the age of 15. Since this time Christian joined different bands and productions. His voice is one of the striking parts of Arilyn. Together with his band colleagues he is running the Strange Sound Studio which is located in Ludwigshafen in an old world war bunker. Besides the work as a musician he’s getting more into the work behind the mixing desk as a producer and director for music videos. Mostly together with 
Moss he produced more than 50 artists, bands and projects for corporate events or musicals. Meanwhile he is also present in England and Brasil as singer on different music productions like 
Rob Gould or 
Eduardo Capella.

Chris uses

Fender Jaguar

Sire Miller V7

Fender SQ Precision 70’s

ABX Jazz Bass

Vox Wah-Wah v875

Zoom B2.1U